Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a loose translation of our german privacy policy.


(1) Contact information

This privacy policy pertains the services, websites and apps of Edutapps GmbH.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please write a mail to

You can also reach us here:

Edutapps GmbH / Melchior, Jahn and Stiller

c/o Factory Works GmbH
Rheinsberger Str. 76 / 77
10115 Berlin

+49 177 738 49 38

(2) Introduction

For us at Edutapps a relationship of trust with our customers is of greatest importance, particularly with regards to your personal data.

If personal data has to be collected, stored and processed in order to further enhance our services, we always do that in line with the data protection act BDSG and EU-GDPR to the best of our knowledge.

  • We exclusively gather data that are needed to offer the best services
  • All data are stored and processed in Germany
  • Appropriate measures are taken to ensure an optimal protection of your data. That includes usage of state-of-the-art encryption technology llike HTTPS / TLS, bcrypt etc.

(3) Website

(3.1) Analytics

Our websites do not include any analytics, tracking or similar.

(3.2) Cookies

Our websites use cookies to enhance the user experience and for essential functionalities, like saving the language or providing log-in functionality.

(3.3) Newsletter

If you choose to register at our newsletter, we store your mail address, as well as the ip-address and date at the time of the registration. We use the email exclusively to deliver our newsletter.

To further optimize our newsletter, we use “web-beacons” when sending it. Web-beacons allow us to determin if our newsletter was opend and if any embedded links were clicked. Further some technical information, the anonymised IP, the browser-type and date of reception are recorded.

These information are solely used for the optimization and planing of our newsletter.

You can revoke the gathering of these data anytime and delete you stored personal data, by unsubscribing with help of the link in the footer of the newsletter.

(3.4) Contact form

If you use the contact form on our website, the offered mail address and the message ist stored, as well as the anonymised IP and the date of your request. These data are stored and processed solely to answer the request.

(3.5) Access-Logs

Access on our websites are temporarily recorded in log-files.

These data are necessary to serve our website and optimize our infrastructure. IP-Addresses are solely processed in case of attacks on our services and infrastructure.

The collected data is stored for one month and include

  • The queried URL
  • Amount of transmitted bytes.
  • IP address of the requesting Device
  • Date of the access
  • used browser
  • used operating system

(4) Apps

(4.1) Analytics

(4.1.1) Maphi - The Game

If the setting “Use analytics” in the app is checkd, anonymised usage data within the app are collected, stored and processed with Google-Analytics for Firebase. We use these data exclusivles for the optimization of Maphi.

(4.1.2) Maphi - Your Math Assistant

For the optimization of Maphi a detailed understanding of our the way our customers use it is absolutely necessary.

To learn these things while still guaranteeing the best protection fo the gathered data, we wrote our own analytics-tool.

The usage data are completely in our control and not shared with any third party except our partners, bound by data processing contracts.

Further we solely collect usage data, like the language, usage times, used interface elements. Personal data, like the IP-Address, are not stored, or only anonymised.

To track the usage of maphi across multiple days, we use a randomly generated token. This token can be reseted in the settings of the app by resetting the current app-progress.

(4.2) Login

If you log in to our services, you can do so by registering your email + password at maphi, or by using the login-services of the third parties:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The authentication is done using oauth2. When loggin in using the third parties, only your most basic user information are gathered.

We protect the gathered data to the best of our knowledge and only use it for the authentication of the users in our services. This is necessary for functionality like saving the progresses on our services.

If you choose to use the login functionality, your user account will be linked to the gathered analytics data, to further improve our application.

(5) Third parties

Edutapps GmbH partners with some selected external parties to offer its services.

These partners are bound by data processing agreements to protect the data of our users and not share them.

Currently our partners are:

  • Netcup GmbH
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google

 If not bound by law we do not share our data with any other third party.

(6) General information

We are constantly working to further optimize our products.

We reserve the right to adapt this policy to the constantly changing demands if necessary.


Februar 2019