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The best way to understand math is to try it yourself. The best way to try it is Maphi.
Touch Math
In Maphi, you can solve you math problems with simple touch gestures.
Math is a game
Maphi's unique didactic approach makes learning math a fun experience.
Solve an equation through drag-and-drop gestures


300+ total

Timur, 6th grade

"I like it a lot. The game is addictive."

Veronika, 7th grade

"It’s definitely more interesting than to practice math at school."

Kiril, 7th grade

"The Maphi game is interesting and will help those who are bad with math. It’ll help to increase the mind skills and speed up thinking."

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The Maphi Algebra Engine
Maphi's technology runs anywhere, on desktop, mobile apps and even on the web! Curious? Get in touch or check out the live demo.
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